Monitoring Antisemitism
on Social Media

Global ARC is a groundbreaking public-good startup initiative designed to drive enforcement and improvement of community standards and hate speech policies across social media platforms.

The First Ever
Open Online Antisemitism Database

The Global Antisemitism Research Center (Global ARC) is building the biggest publicly available database platform of online antisemitism. This database will serve as an advanced engine of transparency that reflects the state of online antisemitism at any given moment-generating critical mass to impact real change, quickly.

Democratizing the Fight Against Online Antisemitism to Impact Real Change

Fully dedicated social
media monitoring
and coverage

The only start-up non-profit dedicated with a full time staff that utilizes the latest AI technologies, big data solutions & automated processing for a complete and accurate picture of the state of online antisemitism.

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Unique cloud-based
online platform
for all

By democratizing the raw data and collecting examples onto Global ARC’s platform, we are writing the open code to fight online antisemitism. Our platform acts as an aggregator of evidence of online antisemitism to empower efforts in the social activism, research, think-tank and law-making spaces to eradicate Jew hatred by holding social media platforms to account.

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Real-time insights
give the full

Finally, a situation room that provides quantifiable statistics and qualitative evidence reflecting the scope of online antisemitism at a given moment. Global ARC’s living database will alert to antisemitic trends and campaigns across social media platforms as they happen with user-friendly interactive dashboards and feeds. We will also increase accountability for purveyors of hate by featuring a list of repeating offender accounts and updating on their online status and posting abilities. Global ARC naturally incentivizes social media platforms to do better by ranking their commitment to the fight against online antisemitism based on evidence in real-time.

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Our Vision

Global ARC envisions a world where antisemitic messages, content, videos, cartoons and photos are as unacceptable online as they are in the physical realm.

We believe the best way to achieve this vision is to create a comfortable but comprehensive engine of transparency and evidence of online antisemitism for public use.

Leveraging the most advanced and disruptive technology available in the open-source intel and big data space, we intend to air the dirty laundry of online antisemitism hosted by social media platforms until the accountability problem is solved, antisemitism and hate speech policies are enforced, community standards are improved and changes are matched by dedicated resources and tech.

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